Book of the Week (10/31/2016)

Twisted Tales of New Hampshire by Eric Stanway (Fitzwilliam, NH : Emu Books, 2016.)

Ghosts, murderers, haunted houses....in small-town New Hampshire?! Local author Eric Stanway once again brings to us, a mixture of spooky stories from years gone by in his latest book, Twisted Tales of New Hampshire. There are plenty of creepy tales from the Granite State within Stanway's book to shock and unnerve this Halloween!

Join us as we once again delve into the darkest aspects of the Granite State. This time, we have a haunted house in Dublin with an extremely unfriendly ghost; the bizarre tale of Frederick Small of Ossipee, who might have gotten away with murder, had he not been so cheap; the murderous rampage of Thomas Samon of Laconia, whose axe-murdering spree left three dead and one woman critically injured; and the homicidal career of Samuel Green, which ended with the noose in 1822. As these tales will readily attest, there is no shortage of twisted anecdotes in New Hampshire. -Back cover.

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