Book of the Week #45

The Quiet Man: The Indispensable Presidency of George H. W. Bush by former Chief of Staff John H. Sununu (Broadside Books, 2015)

John H. Sununu served three terms as New Hampshire Governor, co-chaired G. H. W. Bush's 1988 presidential campaign, and served as his chief of staff from 1989-1991. His view of the former President is far from objective, which Sununu makes clear in the Introduction, but it does provide up-close insight that a more academic study couldn't provide.
In the Introduction Sununu explains (to the former President and his wife while lunching at their Kennebunkport home) about his plans for the book:
"I told both Bushes that I felt it was time for the full story of his administration to be told--to document what he had achieved in both the domestic and the international arenas during his presidency. I lamented that so many of his accomplishments were still unappreciated and perhaps even unknown to members of the younger generation." (p. xv)

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