Book of the Week #30

The Governor's Lady: A biographical novel of Frances Wentworth, whose husband governed Nova Scotia but could not govern her by Thomas H. Raddall (Doubleday, 1960).
"John Wentworth had made his mark as the popular Governor of rugged New Hampshire just before the American Revolution in spite of growing colonial ferment over British rule - and in spite of his young and restless wife. But then the Revolution exploded into mob violence, and a rabble of backwoods farmers and city merchants drove the Governor back to England.
In the fashionable whirl of London, with its court intrigues and political fortune grabbers, it became evident to all but John that his wife was gambling with his future for her own ends. But it was not until he was sent to a minor post in Nova Scotia that his wife's designs came clear. There, on that sparsely settled peninsula, Frances Wentworth was to employ all her seductive charm to its limits to realize a peculiarly feminine triumph.
It is around this fascinating life, lived in a stormy period of North American history, that Thomas Raddall, author of The Path of Destiny, has written this stirring biographical novel." -Jacket flap

John Wentworth was the last royal governor of New Hampshire.  He was born in Portsmouth, he chartered Dartmouth College, and his portrait hangs in the NH State House.
Thomas Raddall is a Canadian writer of history and historical fiction. The Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award is named for him.

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