Book of the Week #23

The Case of Secrets by Alfred M. Struthers (All Classic Books, 2013)
"It looked like an ordinary book. Old and boring. But when 11 year old Nathan Cole picks it up off the attic floor, strange things begin to happen; things he can't explain...or ignore. The book leads him througha complex set of clues left by Alastair Raven, a renowned New York City architect who vanished in the mid 1800's, never to be heard from again. Through every twist and turn Nathan is convinced that Raven is reaching out to him, leading him to something. But what? What could a man who lived 150 ago possibly want him to know? As Nathan works to answer that question, an even bigger mystery looms...one that dates back through his family for countless generations. Se what surprises await him in this action-packed novel that shows how one book can change your life. Forever." --publisher's blurb
Alfred Struthers is a NH resident who has become a popular author with middle-schoolers as he has been visiting classrooms in the region talking about his book and helping teachers connect it to common core.

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