Book of the Week #20

Educators & Agitators: Selected Works of 19th Century Women Writers from a Small New Hampshire Town. Compiled and edited by Larry Sullivan; artwork by Mimi Wiggin (Warner, NH: Warner Historical Society, 2013)
"In this book, you will find sixty-two selected works by fifteen of Warner's 19th century women authors. I must admit that, with a few exceptions, I preferred the work of these women authors over the works of the men writers. Before each author's selected works there is a brief thumbnail biography. ... You will be surprised at the variety of topics in these writings. They reveal tidbits about 19th century life in our community as well as a view of the issues that women faced." (from the Foreword)

Larry Sullivan, an historian who lives in Warner with his wife, the artist Mimi Wiggin will be speaking on July 11, 2015 as part of the Tory Hill Authors' Series.

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