Book of the Week #41

The World of M. C. Escher, edited by J. L. Locher (NY: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1971)
"In the extraordinary world of M. C. Escher time,space, and visual reality have been rearranged according to an ingenious logic--simultaneity of perspective is commonplace, infinity is the average achievement, positive and negative are interchangeable, and fascination is the ensuing result.
... This volume explores the diversified appeal of Esher's prints, spanning the fields of mathematics and poetry, science fiction and art history. The five essays, including one by Escher himself are unique in that they are by scientists as well as art historians. ... A special color section has been included along with numerous working drawings and preparatory prints; the 300 illustration afford the student and scholar a comprehensive view of Escher's total work, a graphic catalogue that is at once technically masterful and compelling." --Jacket flap
Until January 5, 2015 you can get "a comprehensive view of Escher's total work" right here in New Hampshire. The Currier Museum of Art's Escher Exhibit is one of the largest and most comprehensive ever offered in the United States.

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