Let the Reading Begin!

Ladybug Picture Book Award votes are due in 12 weeks (by 4:30pm on Friday, December 12, 2014). That means you should start reading next week (September 22nd) if you want to cover one book each week (skipping Thanksgiving week) and have a week for the voting. 

Voting materials for 2014 have now been posted at 
http://ladybug.nhbookcenter.org/  There is a picture ballot suitable for kids to use when voting (or you can have them vote whatever way works for you); a link to the online tally sheet (trying this out for the first time this year) and a paper tally sheet you must use if you will be sending in votes rather than using the online tally sheet.

 The 2014 nominees for the Ladybug Picture Book Award, linked to their individual profile posts, are:

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