NH Dublin Nominees for 2015

The NH Dublin Committee has selected its nominees for the 2015 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. These are fictional works of high literary merit published in English during 2013. After reading and discussing many excellent books, the committee selected these titles for nomination:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
A classic coming of age tale, full of nuances, sympathetic tuns and amazing yet belivevable plot twists. By turns tragic, hilarious and thrilling this may be one of the fastest 800-page reads ever.

TransAtlantic by Colum McCann
A delight toread. Through writing that is both lyrically lush and detailed, the reader meets fascinating characters historically grounded int he 19th and 20th centuries who are deftly linked through their connections to Ireland and America.

This is the stroy of 16-year-old Nao, a victim of bullying in her Tokyo school, and her realationship with her great-grandmother, a Buddist nun. Across the ocean, Ruath, a novelist, discovers Nao's diary washed ashore and is drawn into Nao's drama and mysterious fate.


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