Book of the Week #21

Fatal Harbor by Brendan DuBois (Pegasus, 2014).

Brendan DuBois has recently published this latest installment in the Lewis Cole series and will be visiting a variety of bookstores in the next couple of weeks for readings. 
"Magazine columnist and former Department of Defense research analyst Lewis Cole has traveled some dark roads before in his quest for justice, but in FATAL HARBOR, it's as personal and as dark as it gets. Days after a violent anti-nuclear demonstration puts his best friend police detective Diane Woods in a near fatal coma, Cole abandons his job, his home and his way of life to find the man who nearly killed his friend.
From the rural towns of New Hampshire to the offices of power and influence in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, Cole follows his gut and the flimsiest of clues to track down the cold-blooded attacker who won't hesitate to kill to keep his identity and background secret. Aided by Felix Tinios, a security consultant from Boston's North End, Cole is shadowed by armed and dark men with their own agenda to stop him ---- by any means necessary --- from learning the truth about what really happened the day his friend was attacked on the grounds of a controversial nuclear power plant. Suffering loss, heartache and betrayal along the way, Cole is soon standing alone, facing a killer and facing his own ultimate test in how far he will go to avenge a friend." --Publisher's blurb

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