Congratulations to the 2014 LAL NH semi-finalists!

  • Adam Cataldo, North Haverhill
  • Adam Hamel, Milford
  • Andrew McNeil, Milford
  • Anna Meldrum, Milford
  • Arya Patel, Nashua
  • Cameron Magari, Meriden
  • Caroline Fischer, Nashua
  • Chiara Cross, Brookline
  • Chris Cashman, Exeter
  • Claire Emily Reynolds, Nashua
  • Cynthia Kectic, Rindge
  • Dylan Shedd, Dunbarton
  • Elizabeth Hunter, Bow
  • Elizabeth Jones, Meriden
  • Ella French, Rindge
  • Erica Kneeland, Exeter
  • Erin Farley, Exeter
  • Gavin McGough, Meriden
  • Hannah Cloonen, Pembroke
  • Justin Carbone, Exeter
  • Kylie Greska, Milford
  • Lindsay Kendall Anikis, Meriden
  • Luke M. Sandmann, Meriden
  • Madison Bailey, Pembroke
  • Marley Mailloux, Hampstead
  • Matthew Stollstorff, Exeter
  • Megan Hutar, Durham
  • Rebecca Durham, Milford
  • Riley Matthews, Milford
  • Robert S. Cornett, Milford
  • Ryan Fischer, Nashua
  • Salina Chadbourne, Pembroke
  • Sierah Miles, Milford
  • Sydnie Breton, Pembroke
  • Thomas M. Herner, Milford
  • Timothy Bilik, Milford
  • Timothy Faulkner, Exeter
  • Tristan Thompson, Exeter
  • Tyler Boudreau, Exeter
Please note that in addition to the students listed here, there were 8 more students honored as semi-finalists who had not given us permission to announce their names as of today. This year forty-seven semi-finalist letters were selected out of 560 letters received from New Hampshire students. 

The state's winning letters will be selected from these letters and announced at the end of April. The Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library will award $100 to each first place winner. State winners will advance to the national competition. 

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