Book of the Week #47

Live Free or Sci Fi: Mindbending Tales of Speculative Fiction, edited by Rick Broussard. (Concord, NH: Plaidswede Publishing, 2013).
"New Hampshire is a serene state, famous for safe cities, predictable changes of season and independent, no-nonsense citizens. It's the kind of place where people actually get together on a cool summer evening around the town gazebo to hear a local brass band. But stroll out to the darkness on the edge of the park and you might hear a distant humming. And what's that shimmering light hovering over the tree line, changing shape and drawing closer? Twenty-three writers offer close encounters with the unknown, glimpses into a dimension of space, time and mind where anything is possible and nothing is quite what you expect." --Publisher's blurb

This latest volume (#3) in the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series includes stories by (among others) Brendan DuBois, Elaine Isaak, James Patrick Kelly, Eric Pinder, and Joyce Wagner. There will be a launch event for the book at Gibson's Bookstore on Saturday, Novemeber 23, 2103 at 7pm.

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