Book of the Week #45

Equilibrium by Lorrie Thomson (Kensington, 2013)

This first novel by New Hampshire resident Lorrie Thomson tells the story of the Klein family a year after the suicide of Jack Klein. Thompson will be talking about her road to publication at Wadleigh Memorial Library on Tuesday, 11/5/2013 at 7pm.

"The first time Laura Klein saved her husband’s life, she’d found his side of the bed cold at four a.m. Her throat clenched around the hard-edged understanding he’d gone off his medication again. She stumbled down the stairs in her nightgown, checked the yard, and raced down the street in her station wagon, her bare foot pressed to the accelerator. Half a mile away, she located his Corolla flipped on the side of Forest Road with Jack pinned beneath the dash, his leg broken in three places. After the Jaws of Life cut him from the wreckage, her atheist husband had smiled up at her and, with a wink and a grimace, declared himself born again.
The second time, Laura had followed a serpentine trail of spilled sleeping pills between the house and the tool shed and discovered Jack curled between the lawn mower and snow blower. She’d shaken him till a mild protest bubbled from his lips, and then, fingers twitching with relief, speed-dialed 911.
The third time Jack had tried to end his life, Laura had found his body."
-- Equilibrium

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