Ladybug Nominee Profile

Peter Brown, a man haunted by orange root vegetables, was inspired by the visual images of film noir, The Twilight Zone, and Busby Burkeley when he was asked to illustrate author Aaron Reynolds's story of paranoia among the produce.

You can learn more about this Caldecott Honor book in The Creepy Carrot Zone

The website of the World Carrot Museum has lots of information about carrots and several carrot crafts. Jasper Rabbit loves to eat carrots, which makes sense because they are full of nutrients and super yummy. There are lots of ways to cook them and they are also easy to grow (just be careful that rabbits don't eat them all before you do!) The world's longest carrot (so far) was 19 feet, 1.96 inches long.

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2013 Ladybug Picture Book Award.

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