Book of the Week #19

Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment by Katrina Kenison (NY: Grand Central Publishing, 2013).

This book contains a thoughtful consideration of a woman's life as the period of her life where her children are at home comes to an end. It is beautifully written and includes a lot of observations about life, friendship, and growing older that may be of interest to a broader audience than moms. 
"When her younger son abruptly leaves home to finish high school in another state, Katrina finds herself at a crossroads, contemplating the new reality of life without children at the dinner table and without the small, consuming tasks of motherhood to give shape and direction to her days. Suddenly, she has a piercing realization: nothing lasts. With signature candor and warmth, Katrina reflects on the inevitable changes wrought by time: the death of a dear friend, the recognition of her own physical vulnerability, and surprising shifts in her marriage.
Throughout these challenges, she finds solace in the notion that midlife is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for transformation as old roles and responsibilities fall away, old dreams and assumptions come up for re-examination, and unanticipated possibilities appear on the horizon, from enrolling in a yoga teacher training to finding a deep sense of connection in the stories shared by other women. Along the way, Katrina learns that the love she offered to her own children can be carried out and into the world.
Poignant and insightful, MAGICAL JOURNEY will inspire readers to believe that even as old identities are outgrown, new ones do begin to beckon—if we can only summon courage to heed the call." --Publisher's blurb 
Katrina Kenison is the author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day and lives in rural New Hampshire.

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