Book of the Week #11

New Hampshire Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff, 2nd edition, by Eric Jones (Guilfort, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2011)

Where will you find the world's largest collection of vintage video games, a New England city replicated in Legos, authentic German baked goods, the world's longest candy counter, a play that has been performed most summers since 1939, a 92-foot-tall rocket and an annual pumpkin regatta? In New Hampshire, of course. This book tells you about these and other Granite State wonders.

"...a book about one of the most extraordinary states in the union--New Hampshire. Looked at one way, New Hampshire is just the head-to-toe bunkmate of the state of Vermont. Yes, New Hampshire is ski slopes and cold lakes and hiking trails and sugar bushes and old white clapboard-sided farmhouses bloated by generations of additions and moose and hard-scrabble teenagers riding four-wheelers on the shoulder and granite mines and leaf peepers and summer residents who have the New York Times delivered to their cottage doors. But this book isn't really about tall that. Instead it's about New Hampshire's curiosities, its most extraordinary people, quirkiest things, and out-of-the-ordinary events. It's about everything in the state--and there's a lot of it, starting with its terrible weather and its independence-prizing citizenry--that runs counter to the homogenizing, corporatizing, tan vinyl trends in our wider, less bold-minded culture." (p. vi)

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