Book of the Week #5

Do Unto Others by Robert C. Varney (Washington, DC: Forest Woods Media Productions, 2012)

This first novel by New Hampshire judge Robert Varney will be the topic of the White Birch Books' Mystery Book Group at their meeting on February 14, 2013.  The author is planning to join in the discussion.

"As a debut novel, Varney’s work is confident in its characterization and pace, taking time to build a world of privilege and expectation around its protagonist, who is neither as flawed nor as stealthy as he thinks. The thriller elements of the book, while well done in their pacing and logic, become virtually irrelevant to the story, a testament to the richness of character and dialogue Varney achieves here. The most striking success is the creation of Harry Warren, a flawed man whose complicated inner life spawns the numerous personas he presents to the other characters, complicating their portrayals and enhancing their interest to the reader in the process. By combining the character focus of literary fiction with the plotting of the mystery genre, Varney creates a hybrid that will satisfy many fans of both genres." --Kirkus

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