Holiday Author Weekend at White Birch Books

White Birch Books announced recently:
North Conway, NH – It’s the holidays again and time for the Holiday Author Weekend program at White Birch Books. To kick things off this year, the focus is on children. Jeanne Blackmore will be at the store on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 3 p.m. to talk about her wonderful new book, How Does Sleep Come? Please feel free to wear your PJ’s for this one! On the following Sunday, December 2, also starting at 3 p.m., Robin Taylor-Chiarello will be here to discuss the newest entry in the Blue Lobster series, The Blue Lobster’s Holiday.
Jeanne Blackmore is a lawyer by day, but a writer in her spare time. She comes from a long line of writers and is proud to join their ranks. Her first effort, How Does Sleep Come?, is a charming, beautiful story that should be required nighttime reading for young children. When young Jacob asks his mother how sleep comes, she shares the many ways that sleep come to a tired boy – quietly, silently, softly, peacefully and gently. The illustrations illuminate the words. Children and their parents will love this story and the beautiful way it invites sleep.
To celebrate the theme, we encourage visitors to wear their PJ’s, bring the blankies and their toys to settle in for an imaginative, lovely story time. We’ll also have color sheets and puzzles for everyone to enjoy.
Robin Taylor-Chiarello has been a primary school art and art history teacher. She loves creating multi-cultural children’s environments and this passion is evident in her Blue Lobster books. In his most recent adventure, the Blue Lobster returns to Sandytown after a brief stay at the lobster shack. He is a little shy on his return, but quickly gets into the spirit of things as the sharks, crabs, snails, clams and starfish get into the holiday spirit. Everyone seems to have different skills and talents – the sharks play in the jazz band, the snails sing and the starfish, who don’t have great voices, help illuminate the proceedings.
The Blue Lobster’s Holiday is a multi-cultural ball dedicated to the shared respect of all races and religions. As part of story time, we’ll ask children to share their holiday traditions and stories.
            White Birch Books is located in North Conway Village just south of the park, across from TD Bank. For more information about this weekend’s event, or to reserve copies of the books, call White Birch Books at 356-3200 or visit them online at whitebirchbooks.com.

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