NH Poetry: From the Box Marked Some Are Missing

Mimi White recommends From the Box Marked Some Are Missing, New & Selected Poems by Charles W. Pratt.
"This is an exquisite book of poems.  They show Charlie Pratt’s evolution as a poet and makes the reader think he might have been born a poet as all the poems are strong.  In a day of free verse and the self-centered “I” focused poem, these verses remind me of song and urgency.  Pratt is a master of form and for that single reason people should read this book.  Upon entering, one will find many other riches.  My favorites are the love poems, for his wife and for the land he worked so many years." --Mimi White
Mimi White's last book of poems, The Last Island, won the Jane Kenyon Award for Outstanding Poetry in 2009.  Memory Won’t Save Me, a book length haibun, will be published later this year.  Both books are published by Deerbrook Editions.  New work is due out next Fall in FIELD.

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