Ladybug Nominee Profile

Winter is coming and it's time to get on the train for Hibernation Station. The animals, "big to little," arrive ready for bed and the bears, in railroad caps and train PJs, lead them to sleep for the winter.

Author Michelle Meadows explains that "Hibernation Station is a story about animals snuggling in for winter sleep. I wrote it because I have always wanted to hibernate in the winter. Give me blankets, pillows, books, and hot chocolate. I would be okay until Spring!" Her website includes projects and activities related to her books.

Illustrator Kurt Cyrus provides the fabulously detailed pictures--including an adorable turtle in bedroom slippers who reminds me of someone I know. If you want to become a book illustrator, Cyrus offers a cautionary tale in his How Not to Make a Book.

This is one of the ten titles nominated for the 2011 Ladybug Picture Book Award. Mr. Cyrus's work has been nominated before: Tadpole Rex was nominated in 2009.

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