Book of the Week #21

A Little Murder by Cindy Davis (Spring, Texas: L & L Dreamspell, 2009)

"When a fishing trip hooks more than a few trout, ER nurse Angie Deacon and her husband find themselves unexpected suspects in a murder investigation. Who amongst the other five aboard Little One could have had a vendetta against the boat's owner—especially one strong enough to see Nolan Little dead? Will Angie live to regret her decision to aid Nolan's aggrieved wife once she learns the woman harbors secrets of her own? Untruths aren't the only cause for alarm as the lethal pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, leaving Angie wondering just exactly how her husband fit into the deadly equation…and if she is next on the killer's list." (publisher's blurb)

This is the first book in Granite State author Cindy Davis's Angie Deacon series. It is set on Lake Winnipesaukee.

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