Book of the Week #15

Last Flight Out by Jennifer Vaughn (SciArt Media, 2011)

This is Jennifer Vaughn's first novel and she explains that it "includes a little bit of everything I’ve seen during my career thus far.  A mix of politics sprinkled with a health crisis for my main character, and a touch of devious behavior to round it all out." A portion of the proceeds from sale of the book will be donated to "breast cancer organizations across New Hampshire."

The main character, Ella Sheridan, is the daughter of the Vice President and the view of life from her vantage point makes this book stand out.

"I have a small window to book my flight before my mother becomes aware of my ariline transaction. We are supposed to alert Secret Service whenever we travel on commercial plances, trains, etc. My brothr fets a pass on this because he generally flies charter to and from his games. Kelby follows the rules, but does so grudgingly because its just another step in the process and any extra work pisses her off. When I book my ticket, I'll use a fake name but I'll have to charge it to my real credit card and it will only be a matter of time before the numbers ping the watchers in Washington. I've learned that it can take up to twenty-four hours for the transaction to process so I will wait until the absolute last minute to pull the trigger. That way, I'll already be in the air when my mother gets the alert that one of her chicks has flown the coop. As soon as we land and we're allowed to turn on our electronic devices, mine will be screaming at me all the way from the White House." (p. 27)
Jennifer Vaughn will be reading from her novel at local bookstores this spring.

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