Book of the Week #9

Saferwaters: A Novel by Teresa Tucker (Manchester, NH: Copious Beast Publishing, 2010)

This is the first novel of Manchester-area resident Teresa Tucker and it is a page turner. I found Anita Batchelder to be an appealling character and I found myself irritated by stuff she was doing in the book. I think that's a sign of a good novel, when you are so drawn into the characters that you react to what they do as if they were actually people you know.

"What do you fail to see when you are obsessed with keeping secrets? As the forty-something wife of a successful and conservative Boston architect, Anita's seemingly perfect life remains marred by her mounting fears her husband will learn of events in her colorful California youth. On a fateful Caribbean cruise, when her world becomes intertwined with the lives of several young and ambitious men, Anita is finally forced to remove her blinders. The ripple effects from risks taken at sea, some sensual, some perilous, unravel the secrets in all the characters' lives." (back cover)

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