LAL Update

Last Friday was the deadline to send in your entry for Letters About Literature 2011. If you got it in the mailbox just under the wire though, don't worry. The official rules say "Your Entry must be postmarked by December 10, 2010, (and arrive at LAL Central no later than December 20, 2010)," so there is time for it to get to LAL central in time for judging.

The LAL team will be opening mail for quite a while yet, based on the update I got this morning:
"As of Saturday morning, we had logged about 15,500 entries. But we still had lots of unopened mail from the weekend. We received 20 mail bins on Fri-Sat. Today, we got our first "irk" as well as a "skid," in total about 35 more mail bins. And keep in mind that we have had weather problems in the Midwest and that is delaying the shipments. So we fully expect to get another 30 or more bins between now and this Friday. Our goal for this week, is just to sort, open, count. Next week, we log, and then the judging begins."

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