Book of the Week #52

Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk by Robyn Okrant (New York : Center Street, 2010.)

"I was very curious...as Oprah frequently urges her viewers and readers to “Live Your Best Life,” I wondered what would happen if one of us committed ourselves whole-heartedly to her lifestyle suggestions. Would the financial and time costs of living as Oprah prescribes be worth the results?"

I read this book this past summer and loved it. I am a fan of books about experiments people undertake to improve their lives (Julie & Julia is one of my all time favorite books), but they don't usually have a connection to NH so I don't get to write about them on this blog.

Robyn Okrant spent a year following all the advice Oprah gave out each day for a year and tells us all about it in this book. The window that presented into the life that Oprah promises, and the analysis of how that ideal of life relates to the reality of a Chicago artist/yoga teacher (who grew up in NH!) makes for a really interesting book. If the impending new year has inspired you to take on an overhaul of your life you might want to read this book as a cautionary tale. Even if such plans are not on your horizon, this book is worth reading.

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