Book of the Week #42

The Sibley Guide to Trees written and illustrated by David Sibley (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2009)

Did you ever see a tree and wonder what kind of tree it was? David Allen Sibley -- who has written lots of books to answer the question "what kind of bird it that?" -- has written this book to help you identify trees.

This book is filled with more than 4,100 beautiful color drawings of the leaves, and the flowers, the bark, etc. so you can examine a specimin and compare it to the picture. It also sorts trees into their taxonomies with all related species grouped together and provides maps to show where various trees will be found.

As part of the Concord Literary Festival, David Sibley will be at Gibson's on Saturday. October 23, 201o at 3pm to discuss and sign his work.

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