The Finlay Foundation Challenge

Last summer the Robert & Karen Finlay Foundation issued a challenge to New Hampshire's libraries, museums, and historical societies: they offered to donate a prize totaling $75,000 to the three New Hampshire libraries and museums—$25,000 each—that generated the most new members over the 12 months following.

Today the results of that challenge were announced at a luncheon here in Concord. One hundred Granite State organizations competed in the challenge and realized a membership increase of nearly 32,000. The Goffstown Public Library (1,519 new members, a 45.5% increase) , The Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society (699 new members, a 624% increase), and the Laconia Historical & Museum Society (343 new members, a 217% increase) were the winners in their respective categories.

Additionally, the Finlay Foundation rewarded the 2nd and 3rd place challenge participants for their success at increasing membership in their organizations. The Howe Library, the Laconia Public Library, the Hampton Falls Historical Society, the Salisbury Historical Society, the American Independence Museum, and the Enfield Shaker Museum were all recognized (and given checks) for their accomplishments.

Congratulations to all the organizations who competed in the challenge and strengthened their organizations, and our state, through their efforts!

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of Goffstown, I'm happy to see that Goffstown Public Library won their catagory. The GPL librarians are a creative and hard-working group. I'm glad their efforts received a nice financial reward for the library.