Book of the week #44

Ghost Hunters of New England by Alan Brown (Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 2008).

In the introduction to this book Alan Brown makes the case that New England is America's most haunted region, partly due to its age. He also cites the history of the region -- including the Salem witch trials and the spiritualist movement that developed in New England in the 1850s -- and the rich literary heritage focused on the supernatural to support his claim that New England is particularly haunted.

There are organizations in each of the six New England states -- including NH Paranormal and Granite State Paranormal --that investigate reports of the paranormal. Brown talked to members of these groups and this book presents the stories of the people, including teachers, doctors, accountants, housewives, and law enforcement personnel, who devote their free time to hunting ghosts in New England.

Thanks to the UPNE rep at the NELA conference who pointed me toward this book.

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