Book of the Week #36

Ribbon Treasures from Celia's Garden by Faye Labanaris (American Quilter's Society, 2008)

This seemed like the perfect book for me to choose this week. With Labor Day, the traditional end of summer, just past a way to "garden" through the coming winter seems called for and this is a quilt-y week for me as I get ready to go on quilt retreat this weekend.

Faye Labanaris, a New Hampshire author and quilting teacher, has once again been inspired by the beauty of Celia Thaxter's Island Garden and has created a beautiful book that shows you how to create flowers from ribbon. The book begins with Celia Thaxter's story and includes quotes from Celia's work throughout. Detailed color photos walk you through creating the flowers and historical photos related to Celia Thaxter are also included.

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