Book of the Week #35

Mountain Peril: A White Mountains Mystery by Tom Eslick. (NY: Viking, 2005)

Tom Eslick teaches at Proctor Academy and is the author of the White Mountains Mystery series. This is the latest tale of Will Buchanan's adventures in the beautiful, and treacherous, White Mountains.

"It was a little after three o'clock on a hot August afternoon when the woman descended from Slide Peak and took the Glen Boulder Trail back to Pickham Notch. There hadn't been much of a view off Boot Spur because of a guazy haze
caused by high humidity.

Heading down the Glen Boulder Trail was relatively easy, and she made good time catching up to the Direttissima Trail, which runs parallel to the highway and directly to Pinkham. She kicked it into high gear over the rolling terrain when her attention was drawn to a rustling at the side of the trail.

She heard a muffled scream. Then she saw him. He stepped out onto the trail holding a long knife, his shirt coverd with blood. She gasped. His head snapped up." (p. 1)

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