Book of the Week #34

Shadow of Death: A Brady Coyne Novel by William G. Tapply. (NY: St. Martin's Minotaur, 2003)

William G. Tapply, a resident of Hancock, NH brings Boston based attorney Brady Coyne to New Hampshire to figure out what happened to a P.I. who ended up dead while looking into a domestic issue at Coyne's request.

"The village of Southwick appeared without warning. One minute I was driving alongside trout streams and past meadows and through forests, and the next minute I found myself in what I guessed was the heart of the village, such as it was.

Southwick was as Ellen remembered it -- tiny and quiet and postcard-pretty -- and once again I was struck by the many different worlds that lay within a two-hour drive of my townhouse on Beacon Hill in the heart of the city." (p. 89)

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