Book of the Week #32

Lone Lake: A New Hampshire Mystery by Donna Marie Robie. (iUniverse, 2006)

As summer comes to western New Hampshire the secrets surrounding Lone Lake -- where eight girls have gone missing in the past thirty years -- pull a novelist looking for a quiet place to work into their story. Donna Robie lives in Concord, New Hampshire.

"Ice-out had just occurred, later than normal this year due to the abundance of snow this past winter. Like clockwork, as the last vestiges of ice melt away, mud season follows which, to any Northerner, can be as irritating as the ruts from tire tracks left in their wake, having torn up everything in their path. Soon, all of it will be hidden by the lush overgrowth of ferns and wild blueberry bushes. It is at that moment that the once frozen ground springs to life, when buds burst out of the stark deciduous trees as foliage makes its annual debut. One by one the buds form into leaves, filling in the blanks between the skyline and the desolate shoreline. The strong, sturdy coniferous trees have made it through another harsh, relentless winter in this remote part of western New Hampshire." (p. 1)

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vermon said...

it's show such good silent feature's. really it's a heart of feeling.