Book of the Week #31 - Mysterious NH

I have been reading a lot of mysteries lately -- something about summer and mystery novels just seems to go together. So, in light of my recent reading, I decided that during August all the books of the weeks will be mysteries set in New Hampshire.

Last Resort by Mark J. Okrant (Plymouth, NH: Wayfarer Press, 2005)

Mark J. Okrant, a professor of tourism management and director of the Institute for New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth State University, set this novel at the beautiful Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. This is the first book in the Kary Turnell series.

"Dixville Notch, Friday, July 14. It was a great day for some and a good daty for others, but, by all appearances, a terrible day for one guest at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. The story I'm about to tell you may seem too strange to believe. Buti, I swear, every last word of it is true. This entire episode began as a badly needed diversion for my wife Nya and me, but it turned out to be one of those life-changing experiences." (p. 1)

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