Book of the Week #26

Daughter of Statues: A Fable by Phil McGrail (Portsmouth, NH: Osiail Publishing, 2008)
“Did I ever tell you about the time I found the end of the rainbow?”
So begins the story of Kae Elsu, a young girl, torn from the small life she knew and thrown into a far wider world than she could ever imagine. Her family turned to stone, and the only home she had ever known burned down around her by an angry King, Kae must find the strength within herself or die trying. Through both dark forests and fields of flowers, over the sea and through the realm of dreams, Kae wanders, trying to find her way; her only guidance, the visions of an old mystic: follow the setting sun. So Kae does, chasing the last desperate rays of day to adventure and romance, to people and places beyond imagining, to redemption, and to womanhood. She is the Daughter of Statues.
Phil McGrail lives in Northwood, New Hampshire and this is his first novel. It was reviewed recently on the blog Maelstrom.

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