Book of the Week #24

Lake News by Barbara Delinsky (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1999)

Given our recent heat wave, what better place to be than a New Hampshire lake? This novel takes us to the fictional town of Lake Henry, NH where singer and teacher Lily Blake seeks refuge from a big city scandal. If you love the setting you can return to Lake Henry in Accidental Woman.

"Like everything else at the lake, dawn arrived in its own good time. The flat black of night slowly deepened to a midnight blue that lightened in lazy steps, gradually giving form to the spike of a tree, the eave of a cottage, the tongue of a weathered wood dock - and that was on a clear day. On this day, fog slowed the process of delineation, reducing the lake to a pool of milky glass and the shoreline to a hazy wash of orange, gold, and green where, normally, vibrant fall colors would be. A glimpse of cranberry or navy marked a lakefront home, but details were lost in the mist. Likewise the separation of reflection and shore. The effect, with the air quiet and still, was that of a protective cocoon." (Lake News)

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