Book of the Week #7

Intermittent Bliss: Reflections on a Long Love Affair by Willem Lange. (Hanover, N.H.: University Press of New England, 2003.)

I chose this week's book in honor of Valentine's Day.

It is a collection of essays by Willem Lange of Etna, NH. In his introduction Lange gives a wonderful explanation of the essential role of a spouse:

"We need someone to disagree with us, to take an opposing point of view, to tell us now and then that an idea we have is a crazy idea, before we begin to think it makes sense. We need a little conflict to keep us sharp and sane. A spouse -- usually our complement in almost every way -- is uniquely qualified
and positioned to supply that: to, say, "That's nuts!" before we actually are nuts."

You can read an excerpt from this delightful book about the reality of "living happily ever after" on the U.P.N.E. web site.

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For more info on Valentine's Day visit the Nashua Public Library's From the Reference Desk post on the subject.