Book of the Week #4

Winter to Winter: A Year of Seasonal Change in the Monadnock Foothills by Jack Kraichnan(Dublin, NH: Snow Brook Press, 2005.)
In his introduction the author describes this volume as "a nature book . . . also a book of meditations inspired by the economy and elegance of haiku." the poems were inspired by a daily five-mile walk through the foothills of Mount Monadnock. The author took these walks, in all weather, between December 2002 and December 2003.
Encased in clear ice
Trees transform winter daylight
Into countless suns

(This haiku appears on p. 4 of the book and is used with permission.)

In March 2006 NHPTV's NH Outlook talked to Jack Kraichnan about his work. This book was reviewed for the NH Writer's Project by Rebecca Rule. To learn more about Haiku, check out tinywords which describes itself as "the world's smallest magazine . . . also the largest-circulation journal of haiku in English."

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