Blogs and the Centers for the Book

When I decided that the NH Center for the Book should have a blog I started by looking around to see who else had done such and thing and what did and didn't work for them. There is a listserv for the directors of the 51 state Centers for the Book (I am counting D.C. as a state -- I think it should be one) and I started there. I heard back from a few people who said they don't have blogs but would like me to share what I learned. So, here it is.
I discovered a couple of blogs that relate to state centers for the book but none that seem to be entirely about or published by state Centers. It appears that New Hampshire is the first Center for the Book to have its very own blog.

Here are some of the related blogs I found:

This blog, like many, is a work in progress. It will evolve and change as technology and the NH Center for the Book do. It is open for comments from anyone (they will be moderated to avoid spam and such) and I hope you will take moment to tell me what you think of this latest experiment in communication.

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