NH's 2018 Route 1 Read

Route One Reads is a virtual reading trip along Route One. For this year's summer road trip the Center for the Book in each state along Route One was asked to select a romance for adult readers. There are LOTS of great romance writers in New Hampshire and choosing just one of their books was too tough a job for us, so last October we asked Granite state readers to weigh in. We included a dozen romances in the survey, each by a different NH author, and asked readers to vote for their favorite.  
We heard from 226 people and 28.76% of them voted for Love Free or Die: 23 Tales of Love from the Granite State which is our Route One Read this summer. 
 "If you like romance, you’ll find all kinds of it here — sweet, funky, vampire and so on — all based in New Hampshire.  One story — about the Old Man of the Mountain — is even a little shocking, enough to  make your soft, red lips part in amazement. The book’s editor, Elaine Isaak, warns that “you’ll never think about the Old Man the same way again.” Indeed." --Barbara Coles in NH Magazine
This volume is part of the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction Series and it includes stories by 23 different Granite State writers: Michael Samuels,  Kari Lemor,  S. J. Cahill,  Robin Small,  Shana Chartier,  Judi Calhoun,  Annie Boghigian,  Jessie Salisbury,  Susan E. Kennedy, Abby Goldsmith,  Sylvia BeauprĂ©, James Isaak,  David O'Keefe, Leah Brent,  Justine Graykin, Timothy Boudreau,  Norman Klein, B. K. Rakhra,  K. J. Montgomery,  Melva Michaelian,  Robert E. Owen, Amy Ray, and Troy Ehlers.

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