Book of the Week #46

Lead Poisoning by J. E. Seymour (Barking Rain Press, 2014) 
"Mob “troubleshooter” Kevin Markinson would like to retire from his profession and join his family in New Hampshire — but some jobs are hard to leave behind.
A former Marine sniper who is also a fugitive for a crime he didn’t commit, Kevin soon finds a greater challenge when he returns home and tries to settle down with his wife and two sons… who are little more than strangers. And while his family might not want him back in their lives, his mob bosses can’t seem to do without his services—forcing Kevin to juggle between the dark world of organized crime, his role as a husband and father, and his need to keep one step ahead of the law.
If he can’t, he stands to lose everything — including his freedom." --Publisher's blurb
On November 20, 2014 Water Street Bookstore is hosting a launch party for Seymour's new book, Stress Fractures

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