Book of the Week #6

The Mysteries of Hummingbird Falls by Joanne Clarey (Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Books, 2005)

The Hummingbird Falls Mystery Series, which begins with this book, features Ellie Hastings, a retired English teacher, who lives in the New England mountain village of Hummingbird Falls, a tourist town with only 800 residents. Author Joanne Clarey lives in New Hampshire.
"Fog erased the mountains one by one, first Rattlesnake Mountain, then Hurricane and finally Owl's Head mountain. It eclipsed the foothills and sank down into the valley covering Hummingbird Falls Township. White mist rose from the falls into the forest and then crept out, smothering the filed across Durkin Farm Road. Stealthily it skulked its way to the screen porch where I was drinking my second cup of morning coffee. I heard the robins calling and the lonely crow cawing from the dead tree at the edge of the lawn, but other than a far away buzz of an early morning chain saw, the forest around the cottage I had rented for the last ten summers was as still as the hush before the breaking of a massive thunderstorm and invisible as a ghost at dawn. Even the crimson red hummingbird feeder at the edge of the open porch was muted and no hover of wings interrupted my thoughts."
(page 8)

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