2013 LAL NH Semi-Finalists

These students wrote letters that were selected as New Hampshire semi-finalists in the 2013 Letters About Literature competition. From among these letters a state winner will be selected at each of the three competition levels. The state winners will be notified by mail by the end of April.
Level I
Allayna Rose Weber, Keene
Angad Chugh, Nashua
Elizabeth Powers, Amherst
Elizabeth Ross, Nashua
Emily Lacasse, Pembroke
Emily Tucker, Keene
Emma Halloran, Milford
Faith Buttrick, Milford
Jaden Carrier, Hollis
Jana Stich, Dunbarton
Jon Panus, Warren
Kyla Bourque, Hampstead
Mason Illies, Pembroke
Natasha Lynn Lockwood, Canaan
Zachary Corliss, Warren
Level II
Abby Chellis, Meriden
Adam Cataldo, North Haverhill
Colin Loftus, Hollis
Collin Cederberg, Milford
Daniel Smith, Hollis
Emilie Tousignant, Hollis
Emily May, North Haverhill
Emma Bruseo, Brookline
Gabrielle Guarino, Meriden
Greta Hazelton, Meriden
Jacob Pixley, Meriden
Jillian C. Perriello, Meriden
Joseph D'Angelo, North Haverhill
Juliet Pearsall, Milford
Lou LeRoux, Durham
Madi Stringer, Durham
Mady Chambers, Durham
Mary Spielman, Durham
Nicholas L. Selmer, Milford
Nicole Sprague, Milford
Simren Bhogal, Hollis
Level III
Emma Forman, Lebanon
Maddie Brown, Lebanon
Riann Tang, Lebanon
Sarah Catherine Lappin, Lebanon

Please note that in addition to the students listed here, there were 6 other students honored as semi-finalists who had not given us permission to announce their names as of today. 

Congratulations to all our semi-finalists and thank you to everyone who entered. There were hundreds of wonderful letters sent in by New Hampshire students and only a few can be honored as New Hampshire semi-finalists. 

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