Reader's Resources: Mark Athitakis’ American Fiction Notes

Mark Athitakis’ American Fiction Notes: A blog by Mark Athitakis on (mostly) U.S. novelists and short-story writers features, as one might guess from the lenght of its title, long-form writting about American fiction. What you can't tell from the title though is what good long-form writing it is. Posts are often insightful, have lots of links to other stuff you might have missed, and make it clear how thoroughly Athitakis knows his books. I often find his writing to be quite funny, but that is a really subjective thing and might just be me.

Athitakis has been publishing this blog since 2008 and it includes discussions about specific books; comments on what others have said about books; collections of interesting bits of book talk; and interviews with authors. It doesn't generally include actual book reviews, but it does have an explanation of why they aren't included. Specific authors who are mentioned in posts are linked from the side panel, so it is easy to see everything Athitakis has said about a specific writer (Mark Twain and Joyce Carol Oates both seem to come up a lot.) A listing of upcoming D.C. area author events is also maintained on the site.

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Janice Harayda said...

"I often find his writing to be quite funny": Definitely not just you. Mark has a low-keyed wit known not just to readers of his blog but to his colleagues on the board of the National Book Critics Circle. You can read some of his amusing definitions of publishing terms at http://bit.ly/pubcode.