Book of the Week #11

Jake's Run by Jerome R. Mahoney (College Station, TX: Virtualbookwork.com, 2006)
"Jerome R. Mahoney is a fine writer, with a great sense of humor. He understands small-town life inside out and knows how to create characters that readers will care about. Jake’s Run is an entertaining and insightful novel." - Howard Frank Mosher
A small town is made up of many different communities and Jerome Mahoney does a wonderful job of showing his readers the various communities that make up Woodbine, Vermont. These communities come together--not always peacefully--when a very large bull named Jake decides--thanks to a gate left open by a mooney teenager--to wander around a bit. The attempts to find and return Jake, and the village life that he wanders through make up this novel. If Rebecca Rule had written Trailerparkit might have been a lot like this book which gives us a look into the private moments of the residents of a small town and shows us the funny side of them.

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