Book of the Week #4

The Big Fish of Barston Falls by Jack Noon (Moose Country Press, 1995)

Since the Great Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby is this weekend (January 30-31, 2010) it seems appropriate to choose a fish tale for this week's book.

"In the summer of 1822 twelve-year-old Sue Reckford and Malik, an old man and one of the few Abenakis left in the Connecticut River valley, fish together in the river at the Vermont village of Barston Falls. They catch perch every day and trade them in the village square.

In response to a teasing bet from the oldest settler in the village about the size of the fish, Malik sets out to catch something bigger. He and Sue start fishing out in the big eddy below the falls and there they make an astounding discovery." (jacket copy)

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