Robert Frost, NH Poet

Robert Frost lived in New Hampshire at several points in his life. The Robert Frost Farm was home to Robert Frost and his family from 1900-1911. They lived in Franconia, in what is now The Frost Place, full-time from 1915 to 1920 and spent nineteen summers there. He was the first of the five Granite State poets (so far) to serve as our nation's Poet Laureate.

Many of Frost's poems are available on the web including New Hampshire, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, and The Gift Outright.

Resources for further reading
Modern American Poetry includes essays on many of Frost's poems.
The Poetry Foundation website includes an extensive Frost bibliography.
Wikipedia has an extensive article on Frost's life and work.
Amherst College (Mass.), where he taught for many years, has a collection of Frost material.

Materials in NH Libraries ABOUT Robert Frost.
Materials in NH Libraries BY Robert Frost.

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