Book of the Week #43

Ecology and Management of the North American Moose compiled and edited by Albert W. Franzmann and Charles C. Schwartz. (Washington, DC: Wildlife Management Institute, 1997)
"The moose is a Creature, not only proper, but is thought peculiar, to North America, and one of the Noblest Creatures of the Forest."
-- Paul Dudley, 1721
As it is currently moose season here in New Hampshire this book seems like the perfect choice for this week. Originally published in 1997 by the Wildlife Management Institute, this volume is a collection of articles about the Moose -- how they live, where they live, what they do, their diet and biology, and their relationship with people. The book includes an extensive bibliography and lots of pictures. A new edition was recently published by University Press of Colorado. The original edition is pictured here as it is the one the NH State Library has.

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