Book of the Week #38

The Comfort of Our Kind: A Novel by Tom Stoner. (Thomas Dunne Books, 2008)

Texas author Tom Stoner has set his first novel in Franklin Notch, New Hampshire. It is the quirky story of a family caught in a battle between good and evil.

"I'm from a family of characters. My father, when he was young, was Wes the Cartoon man, a regionally famous host of a kiddie TV show. These days he is notorious for inventing bad history. My brother, Reggie, was the sports
announcer on a Nashua TV station. Last year after he was fired, he fell apart, moved to Orlando, and now he is famous for living undetected in Cinderella's Castle for eight months.
My sister, Veronica, is unhappy, has always been unhappy. Burdened by her strangled blend of doubt and fear, she is America's most misanthropic nurse.
Our mother sees things before they happen. When she was young, she was Sister Donica Lenore, the nun who made a bargain with God." (Comfort of Our Kind, p. 5)

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